Transparency in Animal Experimentation by Lluis Momtoliu Publish or Perish by Maya Schuldiner Apprentice yourself (a short guide to choosing a PhD in academia) by Brooke Morriswood Videos demonstrating various techniques were posted recently, e.g. on RNA-RNA in situ hybridization

FEMS Affiliates Letter May

Wednesday, 09 May 2018 08:02
The FEMS Affiliates Letter is out! Read the May issue with microbiology research, events and more.   Deadlines: 1. June: Meeting Organizer Grants 1. July: Research and Training Grants
  Online since September 2017 The FEBS Network is an initiative from FEBS representing a forum for the molecular life science community for learning, inspiration, support and connections. The Network currently presents content from its appointed experts and writers in four themed channels: Early-Career Scientist, Educator, Viewpoints and Research. These themes reflect long-standing activities of FEBS in supporting young scientists, promoting molecular life sciences education and research, and following ‘science and society’ concerns. Other scientists join the community as 'Users' to engage with contributions and others in the Network community and to create a profile page where they can present their interests and post content. Such content will also be featured on the homepage in 'Latest from all the community'. With these facilities the Network shall become a supportive community of interconnected molecular life science enthusiasts at all career stages. Much of the content of the channels can be viewed by…