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Standort: Vienna, Austria
Art: Vollzeit
Firma: Medical University of Vienna, Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology
Eingetragen am: 2019-06-04

Two Post Doctoral Positions in RNA Biology / Nuclear Transport are available in the group of Michael Jantsch at the Center of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Mecial University of Vienna.

The group is studying the phenomenon of adenosine deamination in RNA which leads to recoding of protein coding mRNAs but can also regulate innate immunity. One position is open to study the impact of adenosine deamination on the function of the actin crosslinking protein Filamin A using a mouse model. In a combination with structural and biophysical studies, the impact of RNA editing on Filamin A function should be determined.

A second position is open to study the nucleo-cytoplasmic transport and the regulation of transport mechanisms for the RNA-editing enzyme ADAR1. Here, nuclear import assays, protein-interaction assays, and RNA-binding assays will be the focus of the proposed work.

For further information on the group and recent publications on the topic see:

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