IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are relocating our office! Starting from 2018 we are located at Helmut Qualtinger Gasse 2, 1030 Vienna. Until we have set up the new office and phonelines we are only reachable via e-mail with delayed response times. Thank you for your understanding!
A new opportunity: Call for proposals to establish and run FEBS Research Division Rooms on the FEBS Network   The FEBS Network aims to provide a valuable online international forum for scientists working in the molecular and cellular life sciences, enabling them to share advice, news and insights, and connect and collaborate – with the ultimate goal of helping to advance progress in these research areas. One important long-term goal of the FEBS Network is to provide focused online forums for scientists interested in particular research topics or techniques in the molecular life sciences. These research forums will be offered as curated 'Research Division Rooms', each providing a shared space for expert-led comment, insight and discussion on a specific research area and connections between scientists working to understand similar research questions. The FEBS Network Working Group now invites proposals from researchers to establish and run such a Research Division Room…

FEMS Affiliates Letter February

Monday, 12 February 2018 11:10
The FEMS Affiliates Letter is out! Read the February issue with microbiology research, events and more. EU Joint Initiative on AMR and Healthcare Associated Infections (EU-JAMRAI) Based on the FEMS community’s collective expertise across health, environmental and veterinary microbiology, FEMS has been invited to participate in the stakeholders advisory group for the EU Joint Initiative on AMR and Healthcare Associated Infections (EU-JAMRAI). This is a great opportunity for us to channel our collective expertise into this vital initiative, and we are currently seeking interested parties with experience in policy advice to participate in this process. If you are interested in contributing to this process, please contact Vi Nguyen (FEMS Team) by 12.00 pm CET on Friday March 16th, attaching a brief cv, your record of participation in expert panels and a short paragraph on the contribution you would like to make to this process.   We are especially seeking expertise…

Janssen Special Award 2018

Friday, 26 January 2018 01:10
Im Rahmen der life-science-success 2018 wird wieder der Janssen Special Award verliehen für das Projekt, das die höchste  Relevanz für die Medizin und Gesundheitsversorgung der Menschen in der Zukunft hat. € 4.000,-- für den Gewinner / die Gewinnerin. Einreichfrist bis 28. Februar   Wer kann gewinnen? Den Janssen Special Award kann ein Projekt gewinnen, wenn es …. zu einer besseren medizinischen Versorgung beitragen kann, die Prävention fördert, Therapien vereinfacht, für Patienten eine Erleichterung der Therapien bringt, oder wenn damit neue Technologien im Gesundheitswesen implementiert werden. Nähere Informationen:

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